Accompanied guests are welcomed and encouraged to enjoy the Club. We respectfully request all visitors acquaint themselves with the Club’s rules and guidelines so that all of our members and guests can experience the Club to its fullest.

Guests Content


Upon arrival, we kindly ask that you sign in with the concierge with your name and the name of your sponsoring member.

Dress Code

The Club dress code is business casual. In all formal areas of the Club, guests should dress appropriately. Coat and tie may be required when posted for men ages 12 and older at certain Club-designated events, including Easter Brunch, Mother’s Day Brunch and holiday parties. Athletic apparel and denim are not permitted in formal areas of the Club.

The casual areas of the Club include the lobby, pool, Café 626, Spa, 5th-floor day rooms, athletic facilities and rooftop terrace. Athletic apparel and unadorned denim are allowed in these areas. Casual attire is permitted in the members’ lounge. Athletic wear is allowed until 3:00 pm. Casual dress is appropriate for designated children’s events (e.g., Bounce House Hour, WAC-y Camp).

Courtesy Guidelines

Cell Phone Usage:

Cell phone conversations are permitted only in the Club entry vestibule, second-floor ladies’ lounge, fifth-floor foyer and day rooms, the seventh-floor mezzanine foyer, the eighth-floor kitchenette, and the telephone booths on the first, second, third and sixth floors. Cell phone conversations are prohibited throughout the rest of the Club, including on the pool deck. Electronic devices must be on silent mode at all times. Silent text messaging on electronic devices is allowed in the Club, except during classes or Club programs.


Social Media Policy:

The Club’s name and location may not be used in post-event coverage in any format, including broad public-based commercial marketing or advertising, whether in print, online, or in social media posts. In post-event coverage, the Club may be referred to only as “a private club.”

Parking and Valet

Please view our parking information here.

Driving Directions

From the Kennedy Expressway (I-90/94):

Take the Ohio Street exit and drive just over half a mile east to Michigan Avenue. Turn left (north) on Michigan Avenue. Turn left (west) at the next intersection, Ontario Street.

From Lake Shore Drive (US 41):

Northbound: Take the Wacker Drive exit west to Michigan Avenue. Turn right (north) on Michigan Avenue. Cross the bridge and turn left (west) on Ontario Street.
Southbound: Take the Oak Street/Michigan Avenue exit and continue south on Michigan Avenue for just over half a mile. Turn right (west) on Ontario Street.